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The Easy Way to Design a Website to Get - and Keep! Customers

Websites can be difficult to design - there’s a lot of variables to consider; flow, color palette, interactive elements. It can be overwhelming, but a good design is essential to get and keep customers engaged.

Creating a captivating website is important to keep people on your screen. Having a great customer experience and drawing people in is the point of your online presence - it’s driving your bottom line.

Statistics show that there are over 500 million active websites out there, so the question becomes - how do you keep them through the all important sales funnel?

Here we’ll give you the easiest ways to get and keep your customers engaged by using simple design techniques!

Draw people in with colors

Even if you don’t realize it, you probably have a bias towards certain colors. Red means bad, green means go, blue means click here etc.

Occasionally, people in the SEO space will debate which colors are best for conversion - the answer is no one really knows, but what we do know is that your colors should lead your eye to the end goal, much like the sales funnel itself.

Color hierarchies are based on the idea that some colors are more dominant than others. Red, yellow, blue are typically more dominant colors than greys and browns. As it applies to web design, your links and more important elements should be in your dominant colors.

In the example below, your dominant colors are on the ends with the supporting colors in the middle.

For fun and easy color palettes, try !

Above all, your text and links should be readable-

Style Text Efficiently

It may seem basic, but one of the most important parts to keeping your readers engaged is consistent and easy to read text.

Your most important text should be the largest, followed by logical steps down in font size and style.

Think of word document style formatting (or medium!) you have different header styles for different sections with varying importance. Keep your different “headers” in the same font or at least same font family so there is continuity between sections.

Give extra attention to your headlines - they are proven to be the most viewed text anywhere on your website!

Don't Underestimate White Space

Too often, people think the key is more information - more text, more images, more flashing buttons. The reality is, our eyes need time to rest and readers need to be able to process what you are feeding them. Reading comprehension goes down when white space decreases. The key to people following where you lead them - and eventually to a sale - is white space.

Be especially careful with blog posts and informational pages - margins are your friend!

Don’t fear the white space!

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to design a website that keeps your customers engaged all the way through the sales funnel. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, let us help you! We at Thornbury Web Design can remove the mystery from web design while you sit back! Let us help you today!

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